Marble Stone Crafted Wine Bottle Chiller


Type: Handmade
Colour: Off White
Pattern: Solid
Base Material: Marble Stone
Shape: Cylindrical


This wine bottle chiller is solid in form. Proper detailing with and machine cut smooth finish, this marble stone wine bottle chiller would surely enhance the style and beauty of your bar. Keeps your wine bottle chilled to serve you any time of day, with stylish looks giving you a satisfactory taste of style and comfort. Make a lasting impression on your guests. Do not miss it.

Now you are in a much better position to keep your wine, and even champagne bottles chilled as per your seeking temperature. This tabletop wine chiller is manufactured from white Marble Stone and adds extra shine and beauty to a product. It is a bit heavier in weight. This essential home decor best wine chiller is sure to give you long-lasting a good wine experience as it is made from a much more durable material. Also, this fancy wine chiller is for multipurpose; it also served as a flower vase, stationery holder, fruit store, and much more.

Material & care: Machine-crafted marble stone wine bottle chiller can be cleaned with a moist cloth when needed.


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